Remove multiple headers from report

What happened if you have a report that contains multiple headers and you want to remove them? You can make use of the FIND ALL, SELECT ALL and DELETE ROWS function to remove them in seconds, no matter how many headers you have. Here is how.

Identify the key word(s) that are unique to the header rows. For my example, Item is the unique key word that exist in the header. Selet a few columns if the key word may be found in other columns. For this example, I will select the entire column A, B and C.

Trigger FIND function using Ctrl + F and enter the unique key word "Item" into the find box.

Find All

Once the results is listed out, you can trigger the SELECT ALL function using Ctrl + A and select all the results.

Find All

All the header rows are highlighted. Activate the DELETE rows function using Ctrl + Minus (-). Select the option entire row and click OK. The header rows are removed. If you have multiple header rows, you can repeat the whole process again. The same amount of time is used whether you have a few headers or hundreds of headers.

Find All

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