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Excel formulas, also known as worksheet functions, is one of the key features in Microsoft Excel. They are not defined as excel functions in our resource center because we feel that another group of tools in Excel are more qualified to be called excel functions.

The first formula you should be learning is to add up 2 cells in a worksheet using the simple equal sign and the arithmetic. To compute the total of the cell A1 and B1 in C1, type without quotes "=A1+B1" into the cell C1 If A1 is 3 and B1 is 5, C1

will show you 8, the total of 3 and 5. This is the very first step.

When you are comfortable with your first encounter with formulas, you should progress to learn Basic Formulas which requires you to input one parameter or variable into the formula. The next one you should be learning is SUM. Using Sum, you get also find out the total of A1 and B1. All you have to do is to type without quotes “=SUM(A1:B1)” in cell C1 and it will also return the value 8 to you. SUM formula will return the result even when the one or more of the cell contains text. But for the very first formula where use equal and plus (+), cell C1 will retun #Value when either cell A1 or B1 contains text.

Click here to see the difference between excel formulas and functions


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