How to find the unique records from the data list

Here is an example on the need to find out unique records from a given list.

Assuming you are given a list of customers staying in different locations. In the given list, we need to find these locations so that we could present a summary on the number of customers living in each and every location in this list. How do we obtain this list quickly and accurately? Excel provides such a solution, using a function that is not commonly used by most excel users. It is the advanced filter function. Here is

how we can get the unique list of locations using the advanced filter function.

a. Select the range you want to generate your unique list of locations

b. Go to menu, select data -> filter -> advanced filter.

c. In the range box, you will notice that it has been filed in with the selected range.

d. Selected the option: Copy to anther location.

e. Make sure that the input box labelled criteria is empty.

f. In the copy to box, enter the cell you want to present your results.

g. Check on the box "unique records only"

h. Click ok.


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